CAL LEWIS​​​​​​​

Cal Lewis is a nomadic contemporary painter inspired by movement. A lifestyle of continuously travelling welcomes diverse concepts & influences which are collected into colourful emotive montages.

Born 1991 in Yorkshire, UK, Cal studied at Leeds College of Art and went on to graduate from Nottingham Trent University with a BA Hons in Design for Film. The next evolution in creativity came through the electronic music scene in London & Ibiza, where he was Designer, DJ & Body Painter. A return to Yorkshire in 2020 transformed an expressive hedonistic painting style into a focused introspective practice, beginning to use saturated abstract motifs to navigate through introspective & esoteric themes.

Cal is a student of Yoga, Meditation & the Ancient Sciences, which continues to influence his work today. He has exhibited murals & canvas works internationally, notably self-promoted solo shows in London & Leeds UK, Charity Art Auctions with Khushii India and with the Linda Blackstone Gallery in London & New York.​​​​​​​